Paper Testing Equipments Corrugated Fibreboard Puncturing Resistance Tester

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Place of Origin: China
اسم العلامة التجارية: GAOXIN
إصدار الشهادات: ISO 2015
Model Number: GX-6044
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
الأسعار: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Non fumigation wooden box
Delivery Time: 15 working days
Payment Terms: FOB Shenzhen, L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
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Usage: Puncture resistance test Application: Corrugated Fibreboard & Paper & Packaging Box
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paper testing instruments


paper test equipment

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Corrugated Fibreboard Puncturing Resistance Tester for TAPPI - T803





Damage in use, similar to that occurring in this test, may result from contact with solid objects, such as the end of a piece of lumber or the corner of a wooden box. This tester measures the energy required to puncture container board or corrugated board with a pyramidal point affixed to a pendulum arm. The tester can help to evaluate the puncture resistance and structure strength of the boards.



Test method


Clamp the specimen, then release the pendulum by pushing the latch handle; after the pendulum has completed its swing, note the reading to the nearest one-half division on the proper scale.



Test standard





Technical Parameter


Capacity: Sample:175mm×175mm, 300 mm×300 mm
A dial:0~5J     Index plate:0.05J Puncture head: height of 25±0.7mm(1″), radius of 1.57±0.05mm
B dial:0~12J   Index plate:0.10J Testing range: 0~48J
C dial:0~24J   Index plate:0.20J Dimension: 86*43*80cm(W*D*H)
D dial:0~48J   Index plate:0.50J Weight: 135kg




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